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Responsabile: Prof.ssa Anna Paganoni  -  Delegato per i rapporti con la scuola: Prof. Marco Bramanti




Beni culturali




Cultural Heritage

Cultural Heritage

The FDS Laboratory, since its establishment, includes among its various activities the study and experimentation in the field of Cultural Heritage. In particular, Architecture, Art, Design, Astronomy, Music are studied with regard to their links with Mathematics. Actually, already in antiquity, Vitruvius defined Mathematics and Astronomy as key disciplines for Architecture. Later, the Renaissance art developed geometric laws to regulate numerically the canons related to aesthetics; symmetries and numerical relationships are also crucial in Music, and Geometry is the protagonist in the design, where the study of form combines elegance and practicality. A common “mathematical” thread unites therefore many monuments of antiquity, such as the Pyramids of Giza or the Pantheon – whose projects are related to geometry and celestial cycles – to the great Renaissance masterpieces and also many contemporary buildings. The latter, already “monuments” for their originality of form, require a sophisticated virtual modeling, a combination of Numerical Analysis and Computer Science.